Help FAQs

What type of content can I share?

You can create or edit multiple choice questions, upload images, videos, PDFs, and links to articles and useful sites.

How do I share content?

Sharing is easy - click the ‘Share’ icon on the top right of the navigation bar, then select the type of content you wish to upload or create. You can either drag and drop a file or browse your device for a file to upload. Type in a short, descriptive title to let people know the subject of the content quickly and easily. Then add more information or details and include the relevant hashtags to help others find your content.

Why is tagging my content so important?

Tagging helps people find content quickly and easily. The more specific and detailed your tags are, the easier it is to find exactly what you’re looking for.

What if I don’t have an image to upload with my content?

You receive more CPD points for sharing content with images and other users can also earn CPD points by adding images to your content if you haven’t included an image. If no image is available, Ediofy will randomly generate an image placeholder. Should you find a suitableimage for your content later, you can always edit your content to include the image.

Can I add images to another user’s content?

We encourage it! If you see content that doesn’t include and image or if you think you can provide a more suitable image - simply edit the content or create new content based on the original. You’ll earn CPD points for uploading suitable images to blank content.

What are ‘conversations’?

Conversations are a way for users to discuss cases or daily issues and get advice, feedback and connect with other users regarding similar interests, events or experiences. If you need advice but don’t want to show your identity,you can switch on the ‘ghost mode’ and post and comment anonymously.

How do I earn CPD points and are they recognised and accredited by my institution?

The time you spend researching, learning and creating content to help other users learn earns you CPD points. You can view your CPD points at any time on your profile. These will be accredited so that you can continue your required professional development anywhere, anytime.

Can others view my points?

The ability to hide your entire profile as well as just comments or posts in ‘ghost mode’ will be added soon as a feature.

What are site points and what can I use them for?

Site points will accumulate just like your CPD points, but unlock Ediofy badges to access exclusive content and offers from sponsors to be redeemed for real-life rewards, services and products.

Can I directly message another user or colleague?

This feature will be available soon!

How do I include another user in a comment or conversation?

Simply tag the person you wish to include by typing the @ symbol before their name. The user will receive a notification alerting them to your post.

How do I protect the privacy of my patient?

Image editing software will soon be installed to allow you to blur or edit recognisable patient features (like tattoos and faces) in images and case studies. By using Ediofy, you accept the terms and conditions and confirm that you will not share personal patient details like full names, locations or images that clearly identify the patient.

What does Ediofy do with my information?

As part of our strict privacy policy, your information and data will not be shared with external companies or be used in any other way except to help others learn online.

Do I need patient consent to upload content?

As long as the patient is not easily recognisable in any imagery or content and that there are no personally identifying details, you will not need your patient’s consent.

Can I save a draft of my content and edit it later?

What can I search for and how can I make my searches more specific?

The more you use Ediofy, the more our system will learn which content is most suited to you. When first signing up you will be asked which areas of education are of interest to you - you can update these interests at any time from your profile page.

How do I follow a user/colleague and what does this mean?

How do I change my notification settings?

Can I mute notifications for a conversation or comments?

How do I narrow my search results to see just one type of content?

Next to the search results you will see a drop-down menu that allows you to narrow your results by the type of content – e.g. by questions, videos, audio, PDF, images, conversations or ‘all’. You can also narrow results by most recent, most popular and trending content.

What are ‘verified users’?

How do I become ‘verified’?

What is ‘ghost mode’ and is it really anonymous?

Turning ‘Ghost Mode’ to ON ensures that all of your search history, posts, comments, conversations and all activity on Ediofy is kept anonymous. This can be helpful when needing to ask a question in conversations or if you’re not confident in your comment or activity. This is a safe place to learn and share experiences. Comments in ‘Ghost Mode’ still need to adhere to Ediofy’s strict behaviour policy and terms and conditions, and inappropriate content can still be reported.

How do I report inappropriate or incorrect content?

Below all content you will see a ‘flag’ symbol that allows you to

What happens if my content has been reported or deleted by Ediofy?

Reported content and accounts will be reviewed by Ediofy. If found to be in breach of our terms and conditions or code of conduct, the content may be deleted. If repeat breaches are made by a user, they may have their account deleted and be banned from Ediofy.

How do I edit or delete content that I’ve uploaded?

Can people see my history?

What are ‘stories’ and how do I create them?

This feature will be available soon. Here you will be able to compile a study list of your favourite content or create case studies using different media.

Can I add to a story or update an existing question once it’s been posted?

Yes. Simply click ‘Edit’ to update or add content.

Can I upload promotional content?

No. As per our terms and conditions, no promotional content is allowed as Ediofy is to be used purely for learning and teaching. While you may have opinions on different methods, promoting content for the purposes of selling or advertising particular brands or companies are strictly prohibited and will be deleted.

How do I invite other users to join Ediofy?

Select ‘Your Connections’ from the drop-down menu below your profile photo in the top right-hand corner. You can browse through suggested connections based on your workplace, university, skill level or mutual connection. You can also search for users from your contacts, or in the main search bar in the centre of the navigation bar and click ‘follow’ on their profile.

How do I create a private group?

This feature will be available soon. You can create private groups to discuss cases, events or to create online study groups.

How do I delete my account?